10+ Genius Trolls Who Took Trolling To Another Level


Trolling is not just a way to show your sense of humour but it is a unique way to express your creativity. Hence here are ten extraordinary and genius troll which will take your breath away.

Speeding troll

When the camera follows you and vice versa.

Artists trolling planes

Now this is called taking troll to whole new bit innovative and artistic level. Hats off to the marvellous painter.

Trolling the system

Hats off man to troll the system which mostly harass us.

Welcome to Cleveland

Ha ha ha. Epic man and his sense of humour. Still he arranges the time to play fun with people.

Kitty trolling

So smart. This is the way to take revenge on people without letting them know.

Trolling the Protesters

This is how you troll the sulking protesters without any violence.

This epic troll

Oops never expected this ending with such a great beginning. This is the limit.

Well someone is a smartass

This is the real mystery of life. More mysterious than the real and critical mystery of the Bermuda triangle. The most easy way of influencing the monotonous nature of a library room.

Rick roll troll

This is the real revenge you can take from your enemy. Share with them and let them survive watching the whole episode if they can. Even if they die no one will blame you.

Trolling of Biblical proportions

When your sense of humour is so extraordinary that you not even spare bible from your humour. Play on dude.


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