10 most famous dialogues from Devdas which show the depth of love


There are several most famous dialogues of Devdas which makes it a movie of love and pain. So here is the list. Hope you enjoy.

A heart full of pain


How easily he told so deep relationship.

Harsh but true reality

Life is bitter and you have to listen to the truth.

The most famous dialogue

Well said man. There are different faces of a coin.

When you don’t understand the feelings

Many a times the loved ones themselves are unable to understand our feelings. It hurts a lot when this happens.

How easily heart slips away from the hand

When it is first sight love and you are not aware when it happened. Universe has its own plans.

Optimistic ideology. Be positive.

Never lose hope. There is day after the darkness of the night. So be patient and calm.

The bitter truth about the society we live in

Not everyone in the society is treated with same amount of respect and dignity. The society rejects those who do not follow their norms and rules.

Love is a game in today’s world

True love has become an alien thing in present generation. Everyone now uses it as a business and profession but you should not do so.

Another truth about the society

The institution of marriage is only for the powerful members of the society. Those who do not adhere to the rules have to suffer.

Ego in between love

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Love is very beautiful but ego many a time come between the lovers.


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