11 unknown facts about the late Stephen Hawking

The most prominent scientist of our generation was the late Stephen Hawking. Professor Hawking was not only a great scientist but also a big inspiration for the youth. There is so much more to him than his motor neuron disease and theories. These are several interesting facts that you don’t know about him.

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Stephen Hawking once held a champagne party in his room for time-travelers.

Hawking told people that he waited in his room during his own party, all alone, for a long time. This occasion is filmed too and is on YouTube. In the video it is shown that Professor Hawking is waiting, lonely and surrounded by champagne and balloons. An invitation letter shows the time and exact location by latitude and longitude of the party. A banner in the room read “Welcome Time Travellers” but all in vain.

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Hawking was multi-talented

He has made several appearances in numerous sitcoms, animated, and non-fictional shows. He is thus the most well-known scientist in popular culture. He also wrote a popular children’s book named George’s Secret Key to the Universe.

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Believing in aliens and UFOs.

He used the analogy of Columbus discovering America to explain the potential threat of alien civilizations should they be advanced enough to visit Earth.His method for discovering alien civilizations was to keep gathering intel and stay quiet.

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Stephen Hawking- a good sport

He humbly accepted his defeat. He admitted that he lost a bet on black holes to John Preskill.

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Pneumonia at 43

Hawking got most common form of motor neuron disease — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 22. He also got pneumonia in 43 but his then wife refused doctors proposal of turning off his life support.

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American accent

He was originally a Britisher but due to computer program he spoke in American accent.

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Pope did not support him

Pope John Paul II had once attempted to dissuade him, along with other scientists, from attending a Vatican press conference, Hawking told this in a seminar.

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Loved dancing

He loved dancing and was a member of Oxford University rowing team.He was full of adventure.

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No interest in medicine

Hawking’s father wanted him to read biology and go in the field of medical science. But Hawking was not interested in the field.

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Unable to read till 8

Till the age of 8 he was unable to read properly and was a slacker in school. Finally he was discovered of having neuron disease.

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Special birth and death date

His birth date coincides with the death anniversary of Galileo Galilei. His death date however coincides with the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein.

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