13 fascinating facts about ancient Egypt Civilization

Read some strange facts about ancient Egypt

Egypt is full of wonders and here is a list of 13 fascinating facts about ancient Egypt.

Wearing wigs

Ancient Egyptians both men and women wore wigs, especially wealthy classes, and they were made of human and horse hair and they included ornaments.

Ancient Egyptian clothes

They used linen most of the time, wealthy people wore animal fibres. Children didn’t wear clothes until 6 years old.

Entertainment and sports

Dancing teams used to perform at dinner parties and religious temples. Dancers were dancing as soloists, pairs and groups. Also, sports had an important role in ancient Egyptian lives and many present sports were played by them. They set up rules and choose a uniform for players.

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Ancient Egyptian marriage

Most men got married by the age of twenty and girls by fifteen, and either party may initiate a divorce

Equal rights

The same legal and economic rights were for women except for social equality. The Egyptian women could buy and sell property and if they work outside the home they get the same payment men get.

Beauty and cosmetics

They used eye makeup such as green paint and black kohl that was made of minerals, and also they used Henna to paint their eyes and hair. They mixed cheek and lip stains with other remedies for improving their skin.

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Mummification in ancient Egypt was related to immortality, and that idea made Ancient Egyptians build pyramids, temples and huge constructions, also they took care of the dead bodies as they thought the soul comes back to the corpse afterlife.

Afterlife and rebirth

Death is a state of rest and the wait for revivification. They thought that there is a land of two fields afterlife and by doing good deeds the heart becomes lighter.

Papyrus paper

The first time it was made was in Egypt and southern Sudan as far as the fourth millennium BCE. At that time, papyrus was only made in Alexandria so it was the port where all ships from around the world come to buy this precious material and thus it was the reason for the economic prosperity of Alexandria.

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Hieroglyphic language

The written script was made of twenty-four symbols and signs called hieroglyphic language.

Gods and goddesses

Ancient Egyptians believed in gods and goddesses who were over 2000. Each one had a different role in their lives; some were creators, others for keeping peace and harmony.

Pyramid of Khufu

It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still exists. The pyramids were built to keep the pharaoh’s mummy and help him on his journey to heaven.

The great Sphinx

It is the oldest mysterious sculpture that looks like a creature with a human head and lion body.

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