14 hidden reasons for women getting less married

The time is changing and now women are no less than men in any field. Women getting less married is common now.The year is 2018 and data shows that less women are getting married this year and the ratio is only falling down. So here we see 14 reasons why women are choosing a single life.

  • Be happy with yourself. Many women do not believe in the clichéd concept of perfect love. They feel that thay are perfect themselves and complete.
  • The next notion is of independence. Many a times marriage becomes an instrument of a man controlling you,so it is better to be your own master.
  • Self care is important for women. They believe that no man can take care of themselves as they do.
  • Career and profession is the priority of women in present time. They do not want to focus anywhere except their ambition.
  • For many women marriage is desired very much but it is out of reach for them to get it.
  • There are men who simply seem to be on strike with marriage. Women do not want to convince anyone how amazing they are as they already know .
  • Financial support is not the thing women need in the time. So if they do not like to be married they chose to live on their own.
  • Women now make a great single mother and there is no fear or guilt in them.
  • Society is open now a days and women can easily live as spinster. No one question them for the choices they make.
  • Women are not sure if they can be happy with a person. So they keep the dating circle on and stay happily unmarried.
  • Men are afraid of strong and independent women. So women do not need them too.
  • Not getting someone nice. If women are not satisfied with the guys available they do not go for it.
  • Marriage has become an outdated concept and is not compulsory for all.
  • If men have a small account than them, women find it hard to be with the person.

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