15 famous paranormal pictures explained by science

Man is always interested in knowing the unknown. Paranormal activities have always tried to catch the attention of people through different means. There are several movies, stories, and serials based on the ghostly activities that we hear, see or fantasize. But there are also many fake stories on internet about different paranormal activities which people encounter. Thus today I am going to present the pictures of true paranormal activities justified by scientists. Listen to what they have to say.

1. Reflections

2. Wandering

3. Levitation


5. Bolls

6. Haunted


7. Strange

8. Not magic

9. Aliens or illusion

10. Normal creatures

11. Accidents happen

12. Post card in reality

13. Faint carcass


14. Appearance versus reality

15. Check this out

The most dangerous and heart wrenching is the next photo we are going to show. Hold your breath and be ready for the fun.

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