15 Funny Pics And Memes To Please Your Needs


Here are 15 pics and memes which will make your day and your entire week. So enjoy them with a bowl of popcorn.

What the****, what’s wrong with the world

Seriously it is not fair to break someone’s heart like this.

The ginger bread man

The new super hero is in the market or I can say home so beware people.

The bankrupt car

When you have to make expensive decisions but you later regret for them

The best notification

Yeah this is the new way to inform people even appreciate them.

The bodyguard

This is the moment to be proud of the son and the father eventually.

GOT it mom

Yeah this might come as a shock for her but you can’t lie.

The double sword

Newly made for your special enemies present . You can only get this on special orders.

Seriously what a resemblance

The extraordinary talented kid in the class displays his talent.

The creepy feeling

The side and after effects of too many horror movies.

Anything for free food

I will go to my own wedding for the food only. Just need an extra ring here.

The love of elders

Eat till you exploded, this is the mantra. The senior people are really nog aware od what they are doing go the diet people whole spend 363 days dieting and it all goes to vain in a single day, the one day

This is different

When you ask for something and get something else in return.

Wait a minute or more

Yes you don’t have to talk all the time. You may just listen to the song in peace.

Epic transformation

When the cheaters are so talented that you are in aee what to do with their special skills.

More food for me always

Do not stop me when it comes to food or you have to suffer the rage.

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