15 Hilarious Autocorrect Fails That Turned Out Full On Dirty

These autocorrects will make you feel whether technology helps or not. Here are fifteen hilarious autocorrect fails that turned out dull on dirty.

Modern day mom

This mom is surely very advance. The younger generation may think of themselves as very smart beings but here this mom is no less than them in any manner.

The autocorrect is seriously sick

This autocorrect has no respect for relations. How rude is it to throw such a hard rock on the poor child.

The dad will surely enjoy a lot

Yeah it is a fun chat. But I am not sure whether it is fun for the son or not who seems totally confused.

This dad is really cool


Now this is a pretty nice way of responding to such awkward moments. The dad took it really well. Way to go daddy.

Oops, this is a serious accident

I am non sure whether someone likes to get hurt in this manner . However it is completely new in the market and unique too.

What’s wrong with the technology

The dude didn’t realized his mistake until pointed to him again. This proves that it was seriously unintentional and unexpected too.

The mom looks embarrassed

That is why the senior guys are very afraid to use technology. It can embarrass you in front of your own kids and you don’t know what to do in such situations.

Marinating is not a common word

Something else is more common to be sure.

Even in emergency

At least try not to be funny when someone is so serious.

The crush must ne devastated

How many times it can happen in a row?

Why was it there anyway?

The question asked really makes a sense.

The fisting joke

Maybe now his mood is good.

Homo?? Is she?

How hard is it to talk without getting interrupted?

Another china joke

Yeah she surely can handle other things.

What’s in the order

Is that all you demanded or anything else?

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