15 shocking accidents where people cheated death

Death can come anytime to anyone. It is the only thing which is beyond the control of human beings. But there are several instances in which people cheated death. Here are we giving the account of 15 deadly accidents where people cheated death. These people can be called very lucky because the accidents that happened with them are terrifying.

The Free-fall Survivor: Vesna Vulović

Vesna survived a plummeting fall of 33,000 ft from the sky without a parachute

Stuck in the canyon: Aron Ralston

Aron  spent 127 hours with his arm pinned under a boulder inside a canyon

The Half-Head: Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos lost a portion of his brain and skulls during a car crash.

The Axe Effect

This car was driving behind the trolley that was carrying some tools and other stuff, when this hatchet flew in its windscreen

Excess black cat, what if he really thought her as  burner

The man was about to burn his own cat.

This roof cover for car is dangerous

Why you should secure your luggage?

 Skull Dislocation: Shannon Malloy


During an accident her entire skull got dislocated.

Shark attack

When deadly sharks let you go.

Got Backstabbed: Julia Popova

Robbery gone wrong.

Gone Fishing: Yasser Lopez

Always be careful.

Nails through the head

Take care of what you are doing.

Perfect time for safety glasses

The glasses are worth wearing.

Cell phone armor,here it is

The cell phone can blast anytime. Be aware

Rod through the skull

Lucky person to survive such accident

Arrow in the eye

Looks like someone hits a bulls eye here.

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