15 signs you are not ready to be in a relationship yet


Here are 15 cases which prove that you are not ready to enter into a relationship yet.

Your Chameleon Game Is Strong


If you change as fast as the latest nail color while you’re dating someone then you should probably not go in a relationship.

Mr. Or Ms. Wrong Sounds Right To You


If you are dying for a guy who don’t give you any importance or for a girl who don’t even remember your name,then you are not ready for a relationship.

You Believe Love Is As Real As Bigfoot

If you are an excess big believer in the theory of love.

Cristina Yang Is Your Soul Sister — AKA You’re Emotionally Unavailable


You’re closer to finding that old pair of socks in your closet than you are to finding your emotions.

You’re Looking For Prince Or Princess Charming

Don’t look for one ao desperately because there is no such thing or person.

You Wish You Could Make Everyone Take A Lie Detector Test


You don’t believe your partner and always need a prove for everything.

You Get All “Carmen Sandiego” When Someone Likes You


You are not ready to be in a relationship if you can disappear better than a magician once you realize there is a potential future with someone.

Your Therapist Said So


If there’s one date you need to keep, it’s the one with your therapist.

You Only Want To Treat Yo’ Self — Not Treat Another Person


Give importance to other people too.

You Thank God Every Time One Of Your Friends Talks About Their Relationship Woes


You want drama in your life.

You’ve Bought Enough Condoms For A Small Army


You are a sex addict.

Every Night Is A Friday Night


You are in a dating mood which lasts forever.

Tinder Is Your Version Of Crack


Your fingers can’t swipe as fast as your heart would. You are up for online dating.

No Way Are You Going To Give Up Sleeping In The Middle Of The Bed


You don’t want to compromise.

You Still Stalk Your Ex On Social Media Like It’s Your Full-Time Job



You are not over your ex and still live in past.Who needs Sherlock Holmes when they have you?


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