15 strange facts Everyone Believes To Be True

Most folks tend to believe what we have a tendency to browse the web or hear. What we have a tendency to fail to comprehend is that this world is choked with insane beliefs and thoughts that get circulated through the medium of the net. we have a tendency to fall prey to bullshit facts while not even making an attempt to seek opt-out their legitimacy.

Here ar some such facts that nearly everybody has believed to be true however they, in fact, or idle. it is time to induce your cognitive content revamped….

1. Alcohol kills brain cells.

Some excellent news for my alcoholic friends. Even a hardcore alcoholic has live brain cells. an excessive amount of consumption of alcohol will at the foremost injury the brain cells however it lacks the super power to kill them.

2. Bats are blind.

Bats ar wonderful creatures and contrary to the idea, they’ll see o.k. Besides, they conjointly use echo sounding to maneuver around. however, I would like I used to be a bat!

3. Vaccines cause autism.

This bullshit reality may be a result of manipulated information gathered from a deceitful analysis.

4. We use just 10% of our brain.

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We utilize the whole a part of our brain nearly daily however it depends on what task ar you concerned in, at a given purpose of your time, that determines the proportion of your brain being actively used.

5. Chameleons change color to disguise.

These unimaginable creatures ar acknowledged to vary colors as per their surroundings and that we are told that they are doing thus to camouflage or disguise themselves. the actual fact is that they modify their colors so as to speak with alternative chameleons.

6. Fingernails and hair continue to grow even after death.

This is another bullshit indisputable fact that we’ve been the basic cognitive process of these years. the truth is that the skin tends to recede once death, that successively offers the looks of longer nails.
7. Bulls hate red.

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Bull’s are color-blind to red and inexperienced. However, the motion of the cape that the bullfighter makes is perceived as a threat by the durable animals, inflicting them to urge furious associated attack as an instinct reaction.

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