16 illustrations that prove that being single is far better

Every person wants to come in a relationship but the single life is sometimes far better than the committed one. Here are 16 illustrations to prove that single life is far better than in being in a relationship.

You and your pet have their own time

You have all the time to play with your pets and they are most important to you.

Your midnight cravings can be satisfied

You can eat whenever you want and ghere is no need to be ashamed of your gluttony.

Taking time for your own self

You can have sufficient time to sit in silence and enjoy your silent and peaceful life.

You can be as awkward as you want

There is no shame in being awkward when you are alone and at your own place. So you can live your own life on your expectation.

Enjoy the heavy rain fall

The melodious sound of rain can be heard with a cup of  coffee. Oh, how wonderful is that feeling.

Cooking for yourself

You can experiment on cooking and can be proud to taste new innovation. There is no pressure to make good food for somebody.

You can have painting time

You can pursue your weirdest hobbies with full dedication. There is no need to explain anything to anyone.

You can eat and watch tv at the same time

You can be as messy as you desire. There is no one yo judge you for how you live your life.

Late riser

You don’t have to cater to anybody’s needs which gives you plenty of time to test on Sundays.

No one to share bath tub with

There is no one to knock on the door and interrupting your Divine bath. You have full time to take a pretty relaxing bath.

You can bb as messy as you wish

Messy is the new beautiful and is in trend.

Music time

You can have your disco dance

Wandering in the woods

Evenings are calm and peaceful.

Pampering yourself

All the beauty products can be tasted.

Reading time

Free time to read your favorite books.


Meditating in the lap of Nature without disturbance.

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