19 delightful and strange facts about British History

british history facts

British History is very rich. Thus many of the underlying facts are unknown to us. Here we are going to point out nineteen surprising as well as wonderful facts about the history of Britain that you do not know.

The medieval version of football was very violent and it often led to several injuries and even deaths. In some versions of local game, horseman were also involved.

William the conqueror’s corpse exploded. The bloated body of the king exploded when mourners tried to squeeze it in a coffin.

When London Bridge was shipped to Arizona in 1968, it was classified by US customs as a ‘large antique’.

In the sixteenth century bearded men had to pay tax in Britain.Queen Elizabeth made everyone except rich people to wear flat caps on Sundays.

From 1912 to 1948 painting was regarded as Olympic event.

The first motorist who was fined for speeding in UK was Walter Arnold in 1896. He was doing 8mph in a 2mph zone.

Sausages were marketed as ‘bags of mystery’ in the 19th century.

Margaret Thatcher belonged to the team that invented Mr Whippy icecream.

Queen Elizabeth II was related to Vlad the Impaler.

A polar bear was kept by Henry III in the tower of London.

People in Victorian Britain who couldn’t afford chimney sweeps dropped live geese down their chimneys instead.

Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, and King Charles I all had pierced ears.

During the First World War, British spies used semen as invisible ink.

Nearly a quarter of all women in Britain were called Mary.

In 1894  it was estimated by The Times that by 1950 London would be 9 feet deep in horse manure.

Winston Churchill had a secret bunker in Neasten. He hated it and went there only once in his life.

PM William Gladstone kept a  selection of whips in his cellar and chastised himself regularly.

Queen Victoria’s one wedding gift was a 3 metre diameter, half tonne cheese.


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