1993 Mumbai Blast And Sentence Handed Out To Convicts


On March 12, 1993, the city of Mumbai was rocked by 13 explosions in different parts of the city. It resulted in 257 fatalities and over 700 were injured. According to news reports, the death toll was over 300 and the number of injured stood at 1,400. It is also one of the most well-planned terror attacks to have been perpetrated in India apart from the 26/11 Mumbai attacks , and also the first terror attack on Indian soil in which RDX was used as the explosive material.

A death sentence has been handed out to two and life sentences to the other three convicts in the attack that killed 257 persons and injured more than 700. The five convicts are the tier-II of the conspiracy. The tier-I, the primary group which conspired to carry out the terror attack, is still absconding. It includes Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon. “The only person from tier-I who has been convicted and sent to the gallows is Yakub Memon,” Salvi said.

During the earlier part of the trial, the court had convicted 100 of the 126 accused it had examined. “It had consisted mainly of the foot soldiers, except Yakub Memon,” he said.

Let’s look at the five convicts and their roles in the attack:

Riyaz Siddique – 10-year jail term. Drove a car from Mumbai to Bharuch to deliver Maruti van and money to Abu Salem.
Abu Salem 
Extradited to India from Portugal, a treaty between both countries does not allow for death penalty or term above 25-years in jail, so the court handed him the life imprisonment. He knew of the conspiracy and participated actively in it. He bought arms and ammunition to Mumbai from Bharuch, Gujarat with the knowledge that it’ll be used for a terror attack.

Tahir Merchant – Death sentence. He sent Indian youth for weapons training to Pakistan.
Feroz Khan – Death sentence. Dossa’s gang partner. He ensured landing of arms and ammunition in Dighi. Managed police and customs and after the blasts, destroyed the arms and ammunition.

Karimullah Khan – Life sentence till death. He ensured smooth landing of RDX at Shekhadi in coastal Maharashtra.

Mustafa Dossa – Died after conviction. Order of abetment of blast was already passed and his role was mentioned in the judgment. Kingpin of the conspiracy in Mumbai.

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