21 Times People Fell Asleep in the Most Hilarious Way


Sleeping is the hobby of many people and they can find any place to sleep. Here are some people who have found weird places to fall  asleep in.

Caring coworkers have built him a shelter

I mean, actually. Who cares about the position?

Do not try this position unless you want to wake up in another city without your shoes

A very cute photo of a baby and his grandmother

TV shows are also no exception.

Honestly, it’s easy to understand. They are so comfortable

When you’re fed up with all these responsibilities:

Celebrities also get tired

This is certainly the quietest sleeper of all

A stranger thought this was the best place to fall asleep.

When you’re tired, you can fall asleep anywhere.

Even during the Academy Awards

Asleep? No. Just slowly sliding to the exit.

And here we have a hidden vocal talent.


The position does not matter.

Who else can boast a fairy tale photo with Santa?

Is he dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer?

When you do not care what’s going on.

Hopefully he woke up before reaching the end!

I’m 90% sure it was a week of exams.

I bet this kid will be proud of this photo!

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