22+ Funny Illustrations Proving The World Has Changed For the Worse

Every change is not good for health and for life. Here are the illustrations to show that the world has not changed for good.

Going to McDonald’s


How priorities of life change from then to now.

The manner of doing exercise

Earlier exercise was all about exercise ng but now its all to show off.

Television now and then

Earlier television was fat and now man is under the influence of the television.

Tradition of gifting

How the relationship between son and father changed and the gifts too.

Mobile phone has changed a lot

The real war was what will survive, the phone or the floor. It was fun, ha ha ha.

Relationships change

How people become anti social in the new society.

George Lucas then and now

How time change and it can be notice.

Celebration change

The way to enjoy a birthday is now not to hang out with friends but live in a virtual world.

Journey of mobile phone

Phones had their evolution too and it is a real long journey.

Values of life change

How morals and value can change your life.

And it is the truth that phone change our life

Clicking photos is the way of killing fun in today’s life.

What is more important

The importance in life changes from gold to water. Water saves life.

Fashion is never static

The length of dress decreased.

The new evolution is back

The new trend is the use of less and less words.

Social meeting and hanging out

Now going out is not a way of bonding.

Doctor is still a thread but for pocket

Bills are a nightmare in the new world.

Money minded mentality

Money can buy anything but not the fun and excitement.

Working on computers

I am not in love with the shape of you.

Yepp, I have got a message

Emails don’t give the same excitement as hand written notes.

Internet is the lifeline

The life works by internet and not by health.

Teachers are responsible

Parents don’t want to take the responsibilty of their kid and teachers are all to blame.

How to waste time

How to waste your time in the present day world.


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