23 perfectly timed photographs which look too good to be true


People love clicking pictures and we see numerous pictures everyday. But some pictures are clicked with so much precision that it appears that the pictures are fake. Here are some perfectly timed photographs you can not believe

1. Looking at death right at its face. Courage

2.  Unique and unintentional hat placed

3. Just walking on water because it is so easy.

4. Crash meet here on the road

5. Just a regular swim but irregular picture

6. This aquatica appears real fun

7. Real joy is not in money but in the moments.

8. Lightning from hands

9. Partners in crime

10. Concentrate on head

11. Fire from mouth

12. A new creature found

13. Ocean terror

14. Fisherman or fish man

15. Love tale of the two tails

16. Beautiful horse man

17. Fish and water love

18. Game of reflections

19. Hope they had fun

20. Not so perfect time for a nap

21. A new style of hat

22. Oops, what just happened

23. Picture perfect yawn

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