30+ pictures of people posing with statues in a crazy manner

These pictures are just epic. Look at these people posing with statues in a crazy manner.

Just hanging around

Oops! Someone is just playing with you. Beware!

Eye catcher

They are definitely hitting on each other through those sharp eyes.

Naughty boy

She is caught in a really awkward moment. And the boy is definitely very naughty.

Booty shake

Giving them company while they shake their booty with full force.

Feeling on the top of the world

Champagne is in the air and so am I. I have got the wings to soar high and high.

Bully boy

How insensitive is the person bullying those small kids. Aww.

Anywhere ready

Getting too horny at the mid of nowhere. And is this the right way to show your emotions?

Sweet fruits

Sometimes a little patience bears sweet fruits and many stones you can eat those fruits too.

I am busy

The statue is sahi g do not disturb me but no one here understands.


You played so well that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing you.

Dirty deeds

Unfulfilled emotions outburst in a very weird manner.


Even in after life they want bribes. How rude!


I told you that I will catch you one day and the day is today.

Highly dirty deeds

Oh my God!! I can’t believe my eyes that this is happening in a public place.

Mobile obsessions

Even they are not free from the clutches of technology.

Bad manners

Behaving like this in open places is really bad. Try controlling your emotions lady.

Hi five

It is very cool to do this with you.

Leave me alone

Why is the man holding me when he already has a lady by her side. Men!!


Finally they are together. Get away from him.

Soul brothers

Even if they are not identical twins they surely are soul brothers. Look closely at their similarities.

Bear and human love

Better than Twilight love. Don’t you think?

Not in real life

He was unable to get that in his real life.

Cool bro

He has got a really good fashion sense. Commendable job dude.

Baby dance

She has got a cute friend.

Stronger than spiderman

Yeah I single handedly managed spiderman.

Lost in each other’s thoughts

Don’t you worry if you are unable to find a woman partner. Just get lost in anyone’s eyes.

Copy cats

Inspired by the statues, this form is epic.

Don’t drag me

The music playing in the background is drag me down. Listen carefully.


Sir, if you are trying to sthal money then its ok. Otherwise how dare you.

Game hurts

From when I have converted into the target of hitting.

Cozy time

Let’s get little cozy because the park is empty.

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