5 Facts That Make The Pyramids Even More Amazing To Visit


The Pyramids of Giza are truly among the world’s most incredible wonders. Rich with history, steeped in mystery, and structurally miraculous even to this day, they’re unlike any other attractions in the world, and undoubtedly account for a great deal of international tourism to Cairo and the surrounding areas.

The World’s Tallest Building For 3,871 Years

According to one article, the Great Pyramid held the record for world’s tallest structure from a period of 3,871 years. The same article notes that the Lighthouse of Alexandria may have briefly eclipsed the Great Pyramid in 280 BC, but its height is not known for sure, and it didn’t last. So we can safely say that the largest of the Giza pyramids holds a record that will probably never be broken, for longest tenure as the world’s tallest man-made structure.

Astrological Debate

At different times scientists have suggested that Egyptians used Orion’s Belt as a model for the arrangement, and used the North Star to face the pyramids due north. But both theories have been challenged because we know that the skies didn’t look then as they do now.

New Mysteries Emerging

Just recently, for instance, scientists announced the discovery of a new “void” previously unnoticed within the Great Pyramid!

Withstood A 12th Century Attack

Apparently, at some point in the 1100s, a sultan named Al-Aziz attempted to destroy the pyramids and proved wholly unable to do so. Think about that for a moment: a powerful ruler, theoretically with vast resources at his disposal, determined to demolish structures built thousands of years previously and couldn’t do it.

Built By Paid Workers

The discovery of the remains of workers near the pyramids suggests pyramid workers were paid rather than slaves. Evidently, the level of respect displayed in the style of burial makes it extraordinarily unlikely that these people were in fact oppressed. Those studying the subject now believe firmly that the pyramids were built by people paid for their efforts.


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