5 Most Mysterious Things In The World That No One Could Ever Explain

There are many miraculous things that exist on our planet since ancient times. Majority of such things are explained by scientists now, but there are still some phenomena that are yet not defined and are hard to believe.

These are the survey of Top 6 Most Mysterious Things In The World That No One Could Ever Explain

5. Bimini Road

Edgar Cayce American psychic, claimed that in 1968 the ruins of Atlantis the lost city would be found in Bimini. In September 1968, neatly placed limestone blocks laid 700 meter long were found in the sea near Paradise Point in Bimini. The chain of these blocks are called as “Bimini Road.”

Some say that these are the remains of the famous civilization. Others believe it’s the result of the seabed deepening but no one could ever explain it properly.


4. Yonaguni submarine ruin

Terraced formations were found by divers in 1986 near the island of Yonaguni (Japan). The formations of submarine are in the shape of large clusters that are up to 5 floors high. Also, evidences were found that proved the existence of people in those places. In spite of this fact, scientists still argue about the origin of the pyramids.


3. The picture from the Bralorne Museum

This strange photo is of the opening of the Gold Bridge in Canada. It was clicked in 1941. As we can see among the crowd stands a man who is dressed absolutely according to the 2000’s fashion. A zipped hoodie, a T-shirt with a XXI logo, and also a portable camera in his hand can be spotted here. Some people are sure he is a time traveler caught on the picture, other deny.

2. Amazon rainforest geoglyphs


While studying about the open landscape of the Amazon rainforests, scientists found  numerous drawings carved in the ground. Specialists also discovered about 450 geoglyphs in the northern parts of Brazil and Bolivia.

The major theory claims that these were for common meetings and discussions of rituals.

1. A frozen girl

On December 20, 1980, Jean Hillia lost her consciousness because of over cooling. She was found freezed in the snow for 6 hours. When Jean was taken to the hospital, she showed no signs of life and her skin was so hard that it was impossible to give an injection. The doctors were sure that Jean was dead. After being defrosted, she started moving a little. 6 weeks after the incident she was considered to be absolutely healthy.

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