5 Psychological Studies That Will Change Your Perception of Yourself

Human beings are unique and mind works in mysterious ways. The endless studies into different aspects can only widen our understanding. Here are 5 such psychological studies which talk about human psychology.




Cognitive Dissonance Experiments

Human beings cannot cope with conflicting thoughts, emotions or values and that is the reason that they experience some mental distress. This is the idea behind this theory. Leon Festinger did a very interesting experiment in this field.

Festinger asked participants to complete long, mundane tasks then offered half of them $1, and the other half $20 to tell waiting participants that they enjoyed the task. The $1 group felt the need to justify the time spent by saying it was a fun task, whereas the higher-paid group believed they had sufficient justification for completing the task. The result was that people tend to tell themselves lies to justify events that happen throughout their lives, even simple ones such as mundane tasks.


The Harvard Grant Study

Love really does make us happy and fills us with a sense of life-satisfaction that we don’t get from other areas of our lives. This result came from the experiment where spanning 75-years, the study followed 268 male Harvard graduates at various points in their life to record data on various aspects of their lives.



 Milgram’s Authoritarian Experiment

Stanley Milgram after World War 2 wanted to understand why Nazi criminals committed the crimes they did and if the authority figure had something to do with it. A participant was told to produce electric shocks of high voltage on another human being. 65% of participants administered the highest possible voltage of 450-volts when asked to do so by an authority figure, despite seeming distressed.



Wooden Door Experiment

How human mind can experience change blind esa is what this experiment shows. Halfway through the directions, workmen holding a wooden door passed between the two having the discussion, switching places with the individual who was asking for the directions. Half of the participants didn’t even notice that the person asking for directions had completely changed.

Stanford Prison Experiment

24 healthy undergraduates were kept with no criminal background into a mock prison, asking some to act as guards and the rest to act as prisoners. After six days the two week experiment had to be cut short due to the violent behaviour of the guards. It shows how social environment affect person.

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