5 Steps To Shred Pure Body Fat in 3 weeks

Steps To Shred Pure Body Fat

A lot of individuals struggle to get rid of belly fat. Many take their ab workouts to the max, reduce meals after 6 pm and even restrain themselves from any late-night snacks. And yet, the fats still lie down there with little to no improvement.

Many miss out on straightforward steps that are often the key to shred belly fats. It’s about playing smart and not hard. And when you understand how your body works, it will be much more comfortable in burning those fats. Thus, I would like to share 5 easy ways to eliminate belly fat for good.

Keep track of Calories

Start by making a food log; there are so many phone apps that can assist you with this. Monitoring the food intake is crucial. You will need to reduce 500 calories a day. Some food didn’t provide actual value and considered as empty calorie food. All processed meat, sodas, & alcohol included in this food category. Also, avoid a lot of refined sugar, white flour, and highly processed carbs – focus on carbs that exist in nature

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The idea is to do calorie deficit, which means you have to accumulate constant amounts of calories below the average levels for a certain amount of period. Your body starts to lose fat once it’s low on required calories gradually. This is not a theory. It’s a law of biology.

Strength Training

It’s vital to understand that specific movements enhance the fat burning process. And if done correctly and in the right form, you will reach fat loss goal very rapidly.

Jogging on an inclined surface rather than a flat one can increase your fat burning rate up to 50%. This means people who go jogging and sweating on a flat road miss out on 50% of the result.

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BOSU ball is a powerful still workout, where you put your hands on the BOSU ball as if you are preparing to do pushups. In this pose, the body tries to seek control, and all your core muscle gets engaged including; obliques, abs and abdominal muscles.

Triggering these muscles can boost the metabolism of the fat cells in these areas and ultimately decrease fat layers in this region.

Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Along with strength training, you need to incorporate HIIT workouts. A recent study shows that HIIT is highly effective than the usual cardio workouts. It can boost abdominal fat loss up to 37% than the typical workout.

The main idea behind this workout, that it is based on bodyweight exercise. Starting by 30 seconds of “work” then 10-second rest. And continue like this for 3 intervals for each workout session. However, do note that you need to push yourself harder to avoid plateau and getting your body to adapt.

Having a proper HIIT plan is vital. For example during the first week do a strength workout. The second week you do one session of endurance and one strength. The third week two endurance and one strength. This constant change is a shock factor to your body that will lead to crazy amounts of fat lost in the process.

Eating at the Right Time With The Right Supplement

Surprisingly, we have an internal clock inside our bodies. It is called the Circadian Rhythm, and it is responsible for keeping our metabolism functional on precise timing. It also adjusts our sleeping patterns and eating behavior.

There has been a timing method for eating called Intermittent fasting. The most popular form is 16/8 fast. This means fasting for 16 hours and restrict eating in 8-hour window. For example, if your last meal was at 9 p.m, you can’t eat until 1 pm the next day.

Results of this method often take place after 3 weeks without a break. This method became very useful that even Hollywood celebrities started to endorse it for getting fast fat loss results.

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However, to fasten the results, it is recommended to stick to a natural fat burner during intermittent fasting. Clenbuterol from Crazybulk is a herbal fat burner, that is designed to suit individuals who undergo intermittent fasting. According to a recent study, using a fat burner during intermittent fasting will increase fat burning rate up to 33% in 3 weeks.

Being Consistent

The most challenging part in the fat loss process is creating a new habit and sticking to it for a long term. You might feel motivated first few days but after a while things become dull, and your motivation goes down the hill.

You have to have a paradigm shift in the way you think about this. It is not a temporary phase; it’s a new lifestyle you are creating for yourself. The most critical period is the first 14 days. They are the toughest, and you have to force yourself to stick to this new eating and exercising habit. Once you see results after 14 days, automatically, you’ll want more, and it’ll become a powerful habit.


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