6 Best Hollywood Erotic Movies That Are Better Than 50 Shades Of Grey

 Erotic Films focuses on the themes with either suggestive , sensual scenes or subjects, sometimes with depictions of human nudity and lovemaking, but not always of an extremely explicit content. These films often appeal to the emotions of the viewer, with their emphasis on pleasure, physical desire, and human companionship.

We have brought you the list of 6 Best Hollywood Erotic Movies that are even better than 50 Shades Of Grey..


1. Basic Instinct

This erotic movie is all about an violent, suspended police detective who investigates a brutal murder, in which a manipulative and seductive woman is a suspect and could be involved.


2.Nymphomaniac (2013)

The film not only features a high profile casting that include Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, and Willem Dafoe but also involves a lot of sex (real sex and CGI were used alike in this dark, captivating film).


3. Bitter Mooon

After hearing stories of her, a passenger on a cruise ship develops an irresistible infatuation with an eccentric paraplegic’s wife. Movie includes lot of erotic scenes and is a must watch.


4. Lolita

This one is about a man who marries his landlady so that he can take advantage of her daughter. It is Directed by Adrian Lyne.


5. Wild Orchid

Film is all about a female lawyer who becomes mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio and later setting off a series of erotic encounters. A must watch for all the erotic lovers.


6. Secretary (2002)

Story revolves around a young woman who recently had released from a mental hospital and gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, here the employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.

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