7 Tricks To Take Awesome Travel Pictures [PICS]


Bored of taking the same old travel shots? Do your friends y-a-w-n when you show them your holiday pics? In this post you will learn how to take exceptional shots using clever tricks through stunning examples. Adding people to your travel pictures makes then instantly more interesting, and the perspective tricks used in the pictures below will add sparkle to your snaps. So grab your camera, set up some scenes and get snapping!

Trick 1 – Famous Landmarks – Hold On!

Yes, we have all seen a plain old picture of the Tower of Pisa, Big Ben or the Taj Mahal. So get your friend in the frame and adjust the perspective so that everything is in focus then and touch and grab. Bingo, your friend is the size of King Kong.

Trick 2 – Add a Prop

Create a great effect using an everyday prop. The best examples get the focus correct to blend the prop into the background.

Trick 3 – Incorporate The Sun

The sun is shinning, the weather is hot. So get that sun in frame, grab it, circle it and make it part of the illusion.

Trick 4 – Use Flats For Perspective Illusion

Salt flats, like these mostly from Bolivia, have constant colour and nothing to get a sense of perspective from. So get creative and make people do amazing things in super or mini size.

Trick 5 – Always Have A Camera Ready

Don’t miss those once in a lifetime shots, have a camera ready to go whenever you are out and about.


Trick 6 – Reflect On The Situation

Take a reflection shot, chop out the real subject and turn it upside down for full effect.

Trick 7 – If All Else Fails, Perve

Creative block? Give up and put out. Just don’t show your Mum.

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