7 Unusual Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Men are always interested in knowing the deep secrets of a women’s heart. It is always a matter of discussion that which type of guy really attracts a girl. So here is the answer to all your questions.

Deep Voice

Women generally prefer men with strong and masculine voice. The deep voice is not only attractive naturally but also has a scientific reason behind it. Our brains connect voice to size, thus women prefer men with deep voices . It suggests the men are big in size and therefore can protect them better. That is why women find the morning voice attractive, because it’s usually an octave lower than usual.

Being dark and broody in nature

It may sound unusual but it is true. Women like deep and moody guys better than the happy go lucky ones. The seriousness is attractive to women.

Posing as hard to get

Women are naturally inclined towards men who do not open up about their feelings easily. If a women feel that you are hard to get, she will be more interested in you.

Interesting professions

Their are certain professions which appear sexy and attractive to women. Men in uniform especially pilots, firefighters, even doctors are attractive to women. TV guys are another topic of talk among women.

Red colour

A man who is comfortable in carrying a red colour dress in very handsome for girls. Red denotes passion, confidence as well as love.

Having dog

If you are a dog owner you are definitely attractive to a woman. Having a pet denotes the emotional and sensitive side of a guy which women like.


It may be called the George Clooney effect but it is true that women like elder men. It means that men will have good attitude, maturity, and the ability to be responsible.

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