8 weird Trends That You Don’t Want to Follow In 2017

Who does not like to be in fashion? Being modern isn’t bad till you ruined it together with your embarrassing vogue. And, generally it becomes worse once you try and combine some recent trends with the new one.

Down here we’ve twelve weird trends that you simply won’t wish to follow.

1. Multicoloured metal braces.

Back in the day, these made us actually want braces even when we didn’t need them.


hilarious photos taken perfect times

2. Being liberal with the fake tan.

Save this for when you land a part in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Chunky zebra stripe highlights.

4. Wearing school ties with any outfits

5.Zipping around everywhere on Heelys.

Add these to those pseudo hoverboards everyone’s riding and it would pretty much mean the end of the world (or at least being able to walk safely on pavements).

5 amazing upcoming futuristic technology

6 . Low-rise jeans and thongs.


7. Are they shorts or trousers?


8. Wearing Ugg boots outside.

They were slippers in 2006, and they’re still slippers in 2016.



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