9 proofs that you are more beautiful than you think

Beauty is not only concerned with makeup and all those artificial things. Natural beauty is the best one and you should be proud of it. Here are 9 proofs that you are beautiful than you think.


Do not add concealer on your moles because they add to your beauty. Cindy Crawford had a beauty spot, and she’s the literal definition of a diva full of beauty.

Muscular legs

Muscular legs are kind of sexy, so there is no need to be ashamed of it.The ultimate look of 2018 is the athletic body, and if you have that naturally built in, kudos to you.

Big booty

The big it is, the better it is. It can be best seen in stars like the Kardashians who changed the common notion and made women realize that if they have a huge booty, it only adds to your beauty.

Flat chest

There are many stars in Hollywood who have flat chest but are extremely successful. Prettily petite, as it is said in general terms.

Gap tooth

In early times it was considered very bad for the look on face but now it is kind of cute. It adds a new texture to your face that is the element of cuteness.

Curly hair

The most sexy trait some one can have in her personality is huge curly hairs. People are caught in the web of curly hair and it’s charm. So be proud.

Plus size

Sports Illustrated has Ashley Graham on the cover and we can clearly see that today, plus size now is accepted as beautiful. The curves which were once shunned by society are back in tradition.


You can very well imagine yourself as a beautiful, slinky, sexy leopard with a skin like no other. Is not this cool? Every natural gift is beautiful and this one is definitely natural and beautiful.


Unusual birthmarks create problems in the life of young ladies. But you can look at someone really inspirational. ANTM’s past contestant Winnie Harlow, a gorgeous butterfly of a human being, is definitive proof of that.

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