Actress Rape Case – Top Kerala Actor Dileep Arrested by Kerala Police over Kidnapping and Sexual Assault of Actress


One of the well-known top Malayalam actor Dileep has been arrested by the Kerala Police on Monday, July 10, 2017 in the actress abduction case of Kerala. The police reported that the actor had roles in kidnapping and assault of the actress.

Source – The Hindu
What really happened?

The incident happened on February 2017, when a famous South Indian actress was driving to Kochi for her film related work. At that time, she was kidnapped and raped for hours in a moving car. The investigation later revealed that the rape was a planned conspiracy of few people in the film industry.

Who are the suspects?

Before arresting actor Dileep, Kerala Police already arrested 6 other people including Sunil Kumar, aka Pulsar Suni. Pulsar Suni was the car driver of the actress. Two weeks before, the Malayalam actor Dileep was questioned for over thirteen hours by the Kerala Police regarding the case.

Is Dileep involved?

Dileep claimed to have no connection with the actress abduction case. He told police that his name has been taken by Suni in a bid to blackmail him. According to a statement by the Malayalam actor Dileep and a director, who are doubted to be involved in the case, they were blackmailed by the real kidnappers for INR 1.5 crore including the prime accused driver Pulsar Suni. They filed a complaint to police regarding the blackmailing on June 29, 2017. Still, Dileep has been arrested for further investigation.

Source- NDTV
Police has the evidence

Kerala Police has found some probable evidence of the involvement of actor Dileep in the conspiracy of rape of the actress. Further investigation is still going on to find the main suspect of the rape conspiracy. The actress told to media, “It’s been brought to my knowledge that an actor has said that the accused in this case – Pulsar Suni and I were friends and that one should be careful while befriending people. This has pained me. If such baseless allegations are made against me, I am even willing to take legal action, if required.”

Women not safe anywhere – Proved!

It is still not clear that which actor she is referring to in her statement. Actor Dileep, who has been arrested by the police, has played many lead roles in the South Indian film industry. He has done acting in more than 130 films, with few biggest hits in the box office. The high-profile rape case has shocked Mollywood with the actors from Bollywood as well. A question arises here, “Are women not safe anywhere?”

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