Adorable father and baby pics to make you happy

The bond and relationship between a baby and a father is exceptionally unique. There are always sayings about the love, dedication, sacrifice,and care of a mother but fathers are generally neglected in this area. Do here are some baby and father pictures to make you happy and show their love.

Not only his T-shirt but his actions too say he is a super dad

You can not count the number of ponies

The art copy for every practical of the child

The make up man dad who can skillfully apply nail polish

Dad is super comfy with the proper heavy make up look

David Beckham is no exception but exceptional dad

Pony of body hair too to keep cleanliness

The sweet sleep together

The immature too can clean her hands

Playing games especially peek a boo

All time partner in fairy tale contest

Going to crazy levels for after birth photo shoot


Thus whatever may be the case, babies are always dear to fathers even if they do not say it loud many a times. So here we have provided you with the sufficient proofs yo show the pure bond.

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