Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

What are the Top 10 Bangla movies? It is well known that Bengali film has a rich cultural past. Bengali filmmakers have long been recognized for their outstanding work, particularly with industry heavyweights like Satyajit Ray, who shocked not just Indians but also filmmakers all over the globe. Bengali cinema is believed to offer some of the greatest Indian movies available, and with the introduction of subtitles across all streaming platforms, it has become easier to view material in languages you may not understand.

List the Top 10 Bangla movies:

Pather Panchali

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 1
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

Satyajit Ray made his directorial debut with ‘Pather Panchali’ (A Song of the Little Road). Ray’s masterpiece is a social drama based on Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s classic book of the same name. The story revolves around Apu, a little kid from a poor family, and his day-to-day existence in a rural Indian town. The film was made by the then-West Bengal government when the famed director ran out of money after filming about half of the picture. ‘Pather Panchali’ is the first film in ‘The Apu Trilogy.’

Hirak Rajar Deshe

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 2
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

Who could have portrayed the tyrannical and selfish king of Hirak more convincingly? Utpal Dutt perfectly inhabits the role of Hirak Raja. A little more than a decade after ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne,’ a colourful ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’ with a secret message is released. It’s essentially a metaphor for modern politics. In the film, Goopy and Bagha use their three boons to put a stop to the greedy Diamond King’s wrongs and give the children a taste of freedom in famine-stricken rural Bengal. Soumitra Chatterjee portrays a renegade schoolteacher who leads a rebellion against Hirak Raja’s regime.

Jukti Takko Ar Gappo

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 3
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

This film featured Ritwik Ghatak himself as the protagonist, an erudite and hopeless drinker who is forced from his family. He goes over the countryside, meeting a variety of folks, each with their own distinct story. It was also one of the first films to provide a peek at the Naxalite movement as it was forming in Bengal.

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Meghe Dhaka Tara

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 4
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

‘Meghe Dhaka Tara,’ based on Shaktipada Rajguru’s book, is regarded as Ritwik Ghatak’s most acclaimed film. How can we forget Supriya Devi’s stunning performance in this legendary classic? ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara’ is possibly the most moving depiction of life in Bengal after the dreadful split. In this picture, Ghatak served as both writer and director. Even though ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara’ is frequently seen as dismal and hostile, a Sitar can be heard playing in the background throughout the film. It aims to calm the viewers’ frayed nerves in some way. It’s only one of the numerous stark paradoxes that Ghatak continuously presents in an intentional and exact endeavour.


Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 5
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

Not only was Madhabi associated with the character Charulata, but so was Soumitra as the youthful and lovely Amal. When you think of this film, all you can think of are the surreal episodes of the two’s wonderful discussions with conflicting meanings.

Padma Nadir Majhi

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 6
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

Roopa Ganguly as Kopila had an outstanding performance in Gautam Ghose’s award-winning flick. It was an Indo-Bangladesh collaboration inspired by Manik Bandopadhyay’s book of the same name. The story centres on Hossain, a Bengali Muslim who dreams of building a tiny Utopia on an island in the Padma delta and doesn’t care whether the people who live there are Hindus or Muslims.

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Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 7
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

‘Jalsaghar’ (The Music Room) is about a dissolute zamindar counting down the days till his death. Instead of preserving his possessions and property, the zamindar character, portrayed by Chabi Biswas, spends his time listening to music and hosting spectacles. Floods have destroyed houses, and the elimination of the zamindari system has also had an impact. Chabi Biswas became a Bengali movie icon for his stunning performance in this Ray masterpiece.

The Japanese Wife

Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 8
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

One of Aparna Sen’s distinguishing characteristics is that she emphasizes the rhythms of her characters’ lives so effectively that you can’t envision them doing anything else to get into the story. ‘The Japanese Wife,’ based on the book of the same name, features an unlikely narrative in which a Bengali schoolteacher Snehamoy (Rahul Bose) falls in long-distance love with his Japanese pen-friend Miyage, which finally blossoms into a beautiful romance in director Aparna Sen’s capable hands. Raima Sen’s performance as the young widow who comes to Snehamoy’s home with her kid, and whose occasional closeness to Snehamoy contrasts with Miyage’s distance, is well understated, and the actress does well to represent such a difficult character.


Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 9
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

This role was undoubtedly ‘born’ for Uttam Kumar. Without the incomparable Uttam Kumar, the charming superstar in Satyajit Ray’s best ‘Nayak’ could not have been played better. In a manner, the acclaimed actor’s iconic physique practically brought the protagonist Arindam Mukherjee to life. ‘Nayak,’ it is claimed, was more than a celluloid fantasy; it was a ‘phenomenon.’

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Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch 10
Top 10 Bangla movies, you must watch

The plot of ‘Anuranan’ centres on two couples. One is Rahul (Rahul Bose), a successful and lively architect, and his wife Nandita (Rituparna Sengupta), who is traditional despite having lived in London for many years. When they return to Kolkata, they meet another couple, Amit (Rajat Kapoor), a workaholic real estate entrepreneur, and his attractive, bubbly wife Preeti (Raima Sen). The foursome’s proximity turns out to be a see-saw, pitching various dimensions, creating a resonance, a chord that finally resonates across their present and future.

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