The Best and the Cheapest Places to go in Europe This Summer


Europe is a very expensive place. It is a beautiful mixture of historical places, landscape, and well bred culture. But if you are aware of the right time to visit a place and the list of right places to visit, then you surely would not face any problem. So here are we giving the list of 10 best places with their pricing.

The Peloponnese, Greece

Fine white, sandy beaches and ancient sights like Epidaurus and Olympia medieval medieval villages and Byzantine towns await for you.


Basic daily budget: €30
Ouzo: €3
Souvláki (shish kebab): €3
Hostel/budget hotel: €20/€30

London, England

Travelling and the cost of living are sky high here but there’s oodles to do in the ‘Big Smoke’ that won’t cost you a single penny. Parks and monumental places are such examples.


Basic daily budget: £30
Pint of beer: £5
Fish and chips £8
Hostel/budget hotel: £25/£80–100

The lakes of Macedonia

With cheap private rooms to rent and lots of really lovely glamping spots, the area is perfect for travellers.


Basic daily budget: €20
Wine from €2.50 per bottle (gasps)
Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€25

Gdansk, Poland

There is a lot of history in this area. But Celeb status aside, the place looks ancient and it is in fact really hip, and very modern.


Daily budget: Basic €30
Vodka shot: €1
Hostel/budget hotel: €12/€35

The Albanian coast

It is the cheapest countries in Europe to explore and there is not lot of rush here.


Basic daily budget: €25
Bottle of red wine: €6
Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€30

Andalucia, Spain

Exquisite museums, and the loveliest people are trademarks of here.


Basic daily budget: €40
Booze (small beer): €1.70–2.50 per caña
Hostel/budget hotel: €16/€35–80

Budapest, Hungary

A day at a spa in this part of the world will only set you back a very good €15.


Basic daily budget: €30–35
Beer: €2–2.50
Goulash: €3–4
Hostel: €15–30

The Czech Republic

This place too does not put a hole in your pocket so you must go.


Basic daily budget: €40
Beer: €1.50
Hostel/budget hotel: €15/€40

Porto, Portugal

The alluring beauty of this place attracts a lot of travellers but is still less money.


Basic daily budget: €45–50
Bottle of vinho verde: €3.50
Hostel/budget hotel: €20/€45

The High Tatras, Slovakia

The natural beauty of this place can soothe your heart and soul.


Basic daily budget: €35–45
Beer: €1.70
Hostel/budget hotel: €15/€30

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