10 best free education apps for android For Learning

What is the 10 best free education apps for android For Learning? Not long ago, cellphones were seen as a source of distraction for kids. Teachers and parents did all they could to keep smartphones from interfering with pupils’ education. All of their efforts were futile.

But, as the phrase goes, there is always a silver lining to every cloud. This time, the silver lining was mobile app development. Smartphones have been transformed into virtual classrooms where students may complete curricular exercises with ease and attention thanks to mobile applications.

Furthermore, the applications inspire young children to enjoy learning by making their first steps into school engaging and enjoyable.

The educational environment is evolving as a result of mobile applications and new and sophisticated learning management software.

Educational applications made everything easier and more pleasant, whether it was studying courses, coordinating school activities, or developing abilities in new sectors.

This post will show you some of the top free educational applications for students and children to help them consider cell phones as a learning tool. So buckle your seatbelts. We’re getting right into it.

The 10 Best Free Education Apps For Learning:

1. Google Classroom

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 1
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Students at educational institutions are often obliged to complete and submit homework and assignments. And instructors must evaluate and grade them as soon as possible. Is this, however, as straightforward as it appears? To say the least, all of these procedures are quite irritating for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a method to automate these processes?

The final answer to this question is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is, in essence, a virtual classroom. That is, we may use it to make announcements, create courses, initiate conversations, submit and grade assignments, ask for comments and responses, share resources, and so on. It’s also simple to create a Google Classroom. Teachers share code with their students. Students may join by simply inputting the codes. That is all that is required to set up a virtual classroom.

Google Classroom Advantages

  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced organization
  • A more rapid grading procedure

2. edX

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 2
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Many kids want to study at prestigious colleges such as Harvard, MIT, and Columbia. They also understand how difficult it is to get admission to top colleges. Nothing can stop you from attaining your goals if you have edX on your phone. These colleges are now available at your fingertips thanks to edX.

So, whatever you need to learn, edX will be there to help you every step of the way. edX can teach you everything under the sun and everything above it. In edX, there are over 2000 courses from major institutions, including computer science, business studies, linguistics, engineering, and many more. The professional qualifications and university credit you get as a result of these courses will always be useful to you as you pursue a professional career.

edX Advantages

  • Tutorial videos
  • Handouts for studying
  • Quizzes that are interactive

3. Khan Academy

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 3
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Khan Academy is always ranked first on lists of the finest free educational applications for students. The app’s purpose is to deliver free, world-class education to all interested minds worldwide. And we have to say, they’re doing a very good job at it. Khan Academy offers a unique method of instilling information in your minds.

All of the lessons are in the form of video tutorials. Videos show a painting on a virtual chalkboard being recorded (like a teacher giving a lecture). And the narrator discusses each lesson using these illustrations. Isn’t it rather straightforward? Khan Academy also offers online courses to help students prepare for standardized examinations such as the SAT, MCAT, and LSAT.

Khan Academy Advantages

Language learning in many languages

Progress monitoring

Exercises for practice

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4. Duolingo

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 4
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Learning a new language requires a great deal of perseverance and practice. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We will rapidly lose attention and interest if the learning strategies are not adaptable. Duolingo, on the other hand, has made language learning a piece of cake. It is one of the best free education apps for android.

It enables us to study several languages, like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, and others, pleasantly and engagingly. It begins with a simple photo identifying game. As you go through the stages, you will encounter a variety of entertaining activities that will help you enhance your vocabulary and grammatical abilities.

You may also establish daily objectives. In addition, the app records your performance to give insights. If you perform well, you will get XP. The more XPs you earn, the more sets of interactive tales you’ll be able to access to help you enhance your reading and listening comprehension.

Duolingo Advantages

  • 30 or more languages
  • Stories that are interactive
  • Discussion in the forum
  • Competitions based on leaderboards
  • Language learning activities

5. Remind

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 5
Remind Logo (PRNewsfoto/Remind)

Group learning is an effective method for pupils to fill in learning gaps. However, it is not always feasible to gather a group of students under one roof to learn together. The Remind app is the ideal solution to this issue. Remind allows us to remain in touch with our school community.

This group comprises instructors and parents in addition to students. You will get frequent updates on your classroom activities after you join our school community by entering a unique school or class code. Remind may also be used to message a whole class, exchange photographs and handouts, submit tasks, and answer doubts with your pals, both individually and jointly.

Remind’s Advantages

  • Distribute photographs, brochures, and flyers.
  • Chat translations in more than 70 languages
  • Chatting over the internet
  • Sixth, there is photomath.
  • Math has always been a difficult subject for many kids.
  • Math may be a difficult obstacle to overcome for many students, regardless of age.
  • Those days, however, are no more.

6. Photomath

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 6
Photomath Logo
  • Using an app called Photomath, anybody can now effortlessly learn to answer any complicated math problem. According to several studies, Photomath is one of the finest learning applications for pupils. Photomath’s learning approach is rather straightforward. You photograph handwritten or printed questions. The software then teaches you how to answer those questions by providing step-by-step explanations and directions.

Features of Photomath

  • Scan printed or handwritten issues
  • Various approaches to problem resolution
  • Instructions that are animated
  • Graphs that are interactive
  • Calculator for scientific purposes
  • There’s no need for the internet.

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7. SoloLearn

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 7
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

The breadth of coding and programming is broader than ever before. We wouldn’t have many tech titans like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others if it weren’t for coding. SoloLearn is a coding enthusiast’s utopia.

SoloLearn’s massive library of free coding courses in languages like java, python, c++, swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others may get your coding juices flowing whether you are a novice or a veteran. App development is one sector where there is always a need for developers. Several mobile app development frameworks are built on these languages. So, if you can learn them, career possibilities will come at you from all sides.

SoloLearn Advantages

  • A coding community that interacts with one another.
  • The most recent coding trends are covered in these tutorials.
  • Editor of mobile code for free

8. Quizlet

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 8
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Quizlet features various efficient methods for making learning simpler and faster. You will notice numerous study modes buttons right away, such as learn, flashcards, write, test and match, and so on. Each of these modes offers a unique method to learn about the subjects you’re interested in.

Another distinguishing feature of Quizlet is the usage of flashcards. Flashcards encourage active recall, which is the practice of actively engaging memory while learning. It’s one of the most effective learning methods available. Quizlet’s app has millions of ready-made flashcards. You may even make flashcards and share them with your classmates. Quizlet also has a plethora of game activities to help you review what you’ve learned. The app provides frequent study reminders as well as progress markers along the route.

Quizlet Advantages

  • Tests of practice
  • Study materials for standardized tests
  • Customized graphics and sounds to help students study more effectively

9. Kahoot

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 9
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Interactive quizzes may significantly speed up the learning process. When students correctly answer the questions, they experience an inexplicable joy. In this aspect, Kahoot is one of the greatest learning applications for individuals who prefer quizzes to study. Kahoot features a library of ready-made quizzes on any subject.

So you simply choose a subject and participate in live quizzes with other participants. You can also rapidly create quizzes and challenge your friends to compete with you using the app. Kahoot may also be used for offline quiz tournaments. The setup is rather straightforward.

The quizmaster or instructor develops a Kahoot quiz competition and displays it on an interactive whiteboard or projector. And the participants participate in the quiz by entering a PIN and answering questions on the app itself. Every quiz competition in the future will be like this. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Kahoot Advantages

  • Simple game design
  • Organize a live quiz show on large screens.
  • Play against over 2000 live competitors.

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10. Udemy

10 best free education apps for android For Learning 10
10 best free education apps for android For Learning

Udemy is likely one of the top student learning applications available. It contains over 130,000 video tutorials for topics ranging from technology and business to personal development skills such as painting, writing, and yoga, among others. Another fascinating aspect is that we may study these things at our speed.

If you get stuck in a class, you may ask questions and get clarification from other students and teachers. For example, if you have some mobile app ideas, Udemy’s skilled instructors will walk you through the process of realizing your ambition of designing an app.

Udemy Advantages

  • developer of the survey
  • Learning that is interactive

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