India`s Biggest Murder Mysteries That Left The Nation Horrified..!!


Months and Years of twists and turns, suspicious evidence and prominent personalities have made these murders extraordinary investigations for India.


1. Nithari murder case


Surinder Koli was the domestic help of Moninder Singh Pandher, businessman from Noida. In 2006 both of them got arrested with the discovery of skulls of missing children in the Nithari village, outskirts of (Noida). This case was a topic of discussion everywhere due to the huge media furor over what was going on. Case had accusations of rape, cannibalism, pedophilia, sodomy and even organ trafficking.

2. Sheena Bora

This case is sensational for two reasons , the people involved and the way in which the alleged killers covered their tracks and escaped all suspicion for three years. Case would have remained Mumbai Police’s unsolved cases if an informer not tipped off the cops about the murder that occurred three years ago. He told cops that he had information about the murder of Sheena Bora that occurred in 2012 and could also lead them to the murderer and the victim’s body. Cops picked up Mukerjea’s driver a few days ago based on this information and started grilling him and he confessed to having murdered Bora at Mukerjea’s behest. He also told the cops that he dumped Bora’s body in the forests of Raigad. Mumbai cops then got in touch with their counterparts in Raigad, who confirmed that the remains of an unknown woman were found from the same spot. Khar police arrested the driver and then, based on his confession, asked Mukerjea to present herself for questioning on Tuesday. She was arrested after a three-hour grilling session.


 3. Arushi Talwar

Case investigation of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar’s murder, who was found with her throat slit, presented years of twists and turns. Hemraj was initially accused, the body of their Nepalese domestic help was also found within days. A long investigation saw confusion over evidence, accusations of her parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar misleading investigators, and a dramatic trial by media (and now a Bollywood movie featuring Irrfan Khan), the court eventually ruled the parents guilty.



4. Jessica Lal

“No One Killed Jessica” read the 2006 headline of a news story when the accused, Manu Sharma, was acquitted of his involvement in the murder case. He shot Jessica dead after she refused to serve him liquor, as the bar had run out of alcohol. Despite the case involving several prominent people (including a former Minister, a politician, and and a prominent socialite), public outrage changed how the judiciary approached the matter. Intensive media coverage and ensuing protests lead to the Delhi High Court taking up the matter after Manu Sharma had been pronounced innocent. After 25 days of daily hearing, the Delhi High Court overturned the judgement, finding Manu Sharma found guilty.

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