Top 7 Shocking Bollywood Movies That Are Way More Scarier Than Conjuring


For every Horrer movie fan, The Conjuring was a breath taking experience. While the movie might have been the Lazarus rising of horror, still there are many other bollywood films that have proven to be scarier than the horror drama.

Here are Top 7 Shocking Bollywood Movies That Are Way More Scarier Than Conjuring


1.  Xpose

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Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh tryed to act in a romantic thriller based in the 70s. If the story doesn’t scare you, the film’s cheesy dialogues absolutely will.


2. Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

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Maybe nobody told Kareena that just because it says over before acting, doesn’t mean overacting is good.


3. Love Story 2050

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Why would Priyanka Chopra even involve herself in such an act of monstrosity. I could go into details about the plot but then you might get interested and watch the movie and blame me. lol.


4. Drona

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I didn’t even watched it, just heard from public opinion that the movie sucked so bad, people finally gave up on Abhishek Bachchan.


5. Himmatwala

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I believe none of us could be brave enough to watch this one and then sleep alone at night.


6. Karzzzz

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Well, anything Himesh Reshammiya have under the acting column is most likely a bad movie.


7. Deshdrohi

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Kamaal R Khan wrote and decided to act in it. Unfortunately, he is pretty bad at both.

Horrifying, isn’t it?

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