“Creatine ” King Of All The Supplements When It Comes To Muscle Building : Myth Or True?

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Creatine is  something that I think every guy should take if he want to gain serious mass and strength. It is probably one of the most studied and researched compounds I’ve ever seen in humans.

Why Creatine Works So Good?

Creatine does increases the amount of ATP inside your cells and so also increases the energy output. Creatine itself has more than 70 peer reviewed studies showing increase in strength in humans.

Total of eight human studies showed an increase in cellular hydration which I think is why a lot of people feel like they retain a bit more water when they take creatine.

Also that here are few human studies that show creatine increases muscle mass gain and  decreased physical fatigue. I highly recommend using creatine monohydrate, while few supplements are just waste of money.


A simple cheap creatine monohydrate will do best as it’s really a good one. One bottle of this will last you for months and is very inexpensive so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

There is also an another benefit that will drive all anabolic men`s mind towards it too, and that is Creatine supplementation increases your testosterone levels while also increasing the conversion to DHT, which is a stronger androgen. It results in fat loss energy and good focus too.

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