Top 5 Habits That We Are Doing Daily And Destroying Our Brain


 Destroying Our Brain

Human brain gets influenced by a plethora of different factors that includes our everyday habits, and they can even cause it very severe damage. We have brought you the list of Top 5 Habits That We Are Doing Daily And Destroying Our Brain –

1. Not having breakfast

 Destroying Our Brain 1

People who eat breakfast regularly have better energy and are healthier than those who skip there breakfast. Studies have proved that no breakfast means your blood sugar goes down which also negatively affects the brain.

2. Dehydration

 Destroying Our Brain a

Our brain is 70-80% water. Water is responsible for delivering the necessary nutrients for the brain to function properly. Our brain works most efficiently when we keep our self properly hydrated.

3. Alcohol

 Destroying Our Brain j

Studies prove that alcohol consumption destroys the connections between the brain cells. However, if you stop drinking alcohol, the brain starts to return to the normal.

4. Smoking

 Destroying Our Brain sm

Research have also proved that smoking also to decrease in the thickness of the cerebral cortex in the brain. This damage significantly affect mental abilities, and is also responsible for late thinking.

5. Lack of communication

 Destroying Our Brain

Some researches have shown that as little as 10 minutes of live conversation can boost our brain work. This can be practiced easily by calling your friends and talking to them about the latest news or trending topics. Easy!

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