Dumb Posts to cheer up your day

Many a times we are shocked and surprised by watching genius minds. However the real flavour and humour in life comes not through them bit through the absent minded people. Here are some instances of dumb people making remarks which will make your day. The people may be a lot intelligent but their idiotic remarks make them a clown to us.

The extra weird fan who know nothing about his idol


The new dictionary grammar discovered recently by this lady

The super honest thief who does not know how to handle situations

The type of people who rely on facebook more than experienced car mechanics and garage men

The extra caring men of society who are unable to recognize real bullets

The super smart ones in the office who need medals for their outrageous performance

The type of people who immediately need psychiatric help or else world will be wasted

New type of drug gang which needs the help of police at times

The psycho type stalkers who show instant signs

The flickering minds who never can be trusted

Dude that is what is called calling someone and getting replies

The out of the world social workers who need grand salutes

The type who themselves not know what they are talking about

That is what are called socks my dear, gloves for feet

The new generation electricians who do not need any classes

The underrated most PJ makers

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