An introduction to Enlightenment (Atmabodh) the hindu way of thinking 🤔

As per Hindu way of thinking, (Sanatana dharma), life doesn’t end in 100 yrs.. Life is repeating not direct. You can see that inside and out us, the seasons, seed to tree and seeds, climate designs, pivot and upset of planets, birth and demise of creatures.

All creatures want to be cheerful, and we pursue that. We need scrumptious nourishment, purchase beautiful garments, get new toys, enliven our homes, travel and looking for satisfaction.

Each religion instructs us to be great in our conduct. As per Hinduism (I allude as Hinduism yet its Sanatana dharma), Rishi, muni, holy person, sage, Gita makes reference to that an individual develops from baby to seniority.. In any case, inside individual doesn’t change, inevitably, that unchangeable takes another body. What chooses his next body, his karmas… ? In the event that we need a decent body and life, we have to do good,meaning represent the benefit of everyone. Stay away from pessimism.

“Yatha karma, yatha shrutham”… “As you perform, so will you be!”

When you’re conceived, you’ll experience duality yet If one goes past that duality, one is in Bliss. What’s Bliss? Upanishads (Vedanta) shows us how to accomplish that Bliss state.

An introduction to Enlightenment (Atmabodh) the hindu way of thinking 🤔 1

Numerous individuals have no clue about a state past duality… They need satisfaction yet every upbeat circumstance has a contrary side as well. State an individual acquired a house and lived there for a long time. His child at that point chose to crush the old property and reconstruct it with current courtesies. As he did the burrowing, he found a fortune underneath. For three ages, they lived there. Didn’t have the foggiest idea about that! Thus, we as a whole have a fortune that we’re not mindful of IT.

We can call IT by any name God, Consciousness, Awareness or whatever yet just One quickens this body and the whole universe… Without looking at that, we’re looking outside of us for satisfaction… All articles and all individuals. Researchers, archeologists, anthropologists and some more! These are essential to grow our capability to investigate however as we go further into research, the fringe is by all accounts extending toward each path! We continue strolling over the fortune and have not remembered it.

That one fortune is Satyam-jnanm-anantham, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss

Sathyam here doesn’t mean something contrary to ‘lie’, yet THAT which exists consistently. You may ask, ‘Everything exists, would could it be that doesn’t exist?’ There are some without ISness like a delusion! Despite the fact that it has all the earmarks of being, it’s not there.This Truth is ever present, isn’t influenced or changed by some other information like once the rope is found in the nightfall, the learning of snake leaves.

IT is available in trikale. Trikale, three timeframes ought not be understood as past, present and future in light of the fact that the time was made by people. Truth existed even before time, it just means Truth existed when one was unmindful, during the Knowledge and in the wake of picking up information. Like the rope existed before you knew it, when you thought it was a snake and after you understood that it is anything but a snake.

Cognizance is ‘you realize you exist!’ You needn’t bother with somebody to disclose to you that, or a light to perceive that you exist though a tree or a stone or the five components don’t realize they exist. That acknowledgment is mindfulness.

Ecstasy is the Happiness, pleased minute flitting, however everlasting. Joy, joy, delight, joy are for the most part various extents of the look at the incomparable. That is Truth/sathyam, presently where is it?

Taitriya upanishad says in cavern of heart. (guhai in Tamil). It’s secured by our preferences… They spread it so we can’t see IT. At the point when the psyche is quiet, perfect, unadulterated we can understand IT. In this world, whatever you do, can get just that one outcome however when Self information is accomplished, everything is accomplished… we purchase a bicycle yet we additionally need a vehicle, we purchase a house however we’re not fulfilled until we purchase a cooler, a forced air system in each room, with a progressing list, forever discontent yet this Self information… gives total satisfaction. Everything on the planet depends on conditions and duality.. That unrestricted Bliss is in every last one of us, however we simply don’t have any acquaintance with it.. That is atmanandam.

To do anything, accomplish anything in this world, there’s a requirement for ability, or expertise prerequisite however to get this learning there’s no confinement, whenever to anybody. Just a longing to know is important. Otherworldliness… can occur at any age… It can happen whenever. We have to adhere to the principles, practice from at an opportune time, significant stretch like a competitor, consistency is the key. In the long run everybody takes this way get into otherworldliness sometime in the not so distant future, prior is better. All Upanishads offers a similar one response despite the fact that the inquiries are unique. Our life isn’t 100 yrs, we need to begin at some point, better start early so in this excellent chance of human birth, we can take out dread, outrage, and experience internal harmony in this life alone!

Self Knowledge, Atma jnanam is represented in all sacred texts of Sanatana dharma as the reason for human birth. Kenopanishad examines what’s behind the five organs of recognition, Kathopanishad clarifies eternal life, Thaithriya upanishad portrays 5 kosas, five layers, Mandukya Upanishad centers around three conditions of our encounters (turiyam)

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