Ex-Wife Sussanne hits back at Kangana Ranaut in support of Hrithik Roshan


Kangana Ranaut this week shot back at her ex Hrithik Roshan in many of her interviews. Kangana and Hrithik’s messy battle over leaked emails and pics created alot for Bollywood gossip in 2K16.
In an interview with a popular journalist, Kangana stated, “He runs away when he sees me. In fact, when we broke up in 2014 and after that one year when he was harassing me and stalking me, I complained to his father. I told him that his son is harassing me, stalking me, has hacked my account and he’s not letting me get into any other relationship. So his father said I’m going to arrange a meeting for you. Since then, I’m hoping to get a meeting with him to have a two-word conversation with him and ask him that he’s telling the world he doesn’t know me.”
Kangna also added, “I can hold my head high and walk where I want to. Why is he hiding away and not talking about this issue? Where was his dignity when he sent me a notice? You should ask him what happened to that imposter?”
Now, Ex-Wife Sussanne hits back at Kangana Ranaut in support of Hrithik Roshan as she hit back at Kangana with a tweet. She shared a photo with Hrithik and gave her two cents on Kangana’s allegations.
She tweeted as, “The is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #powerofthetruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil.”
Your move, Kangana!
Moreover, will Hrithik speak on the issue at all!? Only time will tell about this B-town war!

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