Facebook Password Hacking Online for Free

Usage of Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. has increased a lot today. Almost 99% of the world’s population is now on these social media sites. Out of these users, there are some people also in the world who love to hack social media accounts, or you can say Facebook password for just a curiosity or fun. Hacking is a crime of course, but of course not when you are just doing it with your friends, to see what they are talking behind your back as well as you can simply spy on them for fun.

Use of Free Software

There are many softwares available online or many websites which states that any user can hack Facebook password free of cost from their site, but many times they are least effective. Many people do believe that hacking Facebook passwords are not really done but that is totally a myth. Facebook password hacker software is there, by which a non IT known user can easily hack a Facebook account for free, but to access that kind of software, you will have to pay a good high amount of money that can be out of budget for many people.

Hacking Facebook Password Possible?

Still Facebook passwords can be hacked for free but you need to know some IT techniques for that to be done. Like, if you are well familiar with Phishing, you can easily crack someone else’s password. If you are very much familiar with cookies and JavaScript’s, you can use the codes and create a fake login page and send it to any of your friend by which they can be cheated. Once they login through that page, you will get their passwords for free. You can always use a key logger software or an external key logger to hack any type of password. But, be sure you don’t make a serious issue through this. Hacking should just be used for teasing friends; otherwise it can cause a criminal offence against you.

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