Fifteen of the most witty texts ever found in breakup history


Relationships need a lot of mutual understanding, trust,and honesty to nurture. Even small misunderstanding, quarrel or situation can break a life long relationship. In the present scenario love and breakup have become a game in the hands of teenagers. However any breakup hurts a lot and can leave a person into utmost depression. No person like breaking up with someone and many a times to avoid such situations,people chose to breakup via a text message. It is both cowardly and hilarious to end a serious relationship through a message. Sometimes it is the demand of the situation to do so and sometimes it is the personal choice. Whatever maybe but breaking up through text messages have provided us with some very funny and savage texts. So let us look at these 15 most farcical and witty texts in the breakup history ever.

Using Analogy for breaking up

It is quite clear that she is good at drawing references but late in understanding them.

New magic trick discovered

This magic must have blown his mind for sure.

Breakup and marriage together

It seems as if they have some thought differences. This may be the reason of the sudden breakup.

Well done Pat. You are the real hero.

Pat is the game changer in their relationship. Who is in yours??

Bed in the bar

Undoubtedly she will be a truthful women for live.

Batman is surely more important than girl friend

Batman definitely got a die hard fan.

Hypocrisy at its best

Well he is not to be blamed.

Autocorrect is surely dangerous

Facts should always be rechecked. And yes he has a baldspot.

That’s why elders told us to hear more than speak

The consequences of not letting the girl to complete forts. By the way which movie??

What a save.

He really left her speechless.

Finally Justin Beiber got a fan

Beware of a movie fan

However how can’t you cry when Simba’s dad died

Being single has become a joke

Poor single him.

Wish gone wrong

Next time be afraid of the timing 11:11

Thank God! The X box is fine

What a clever way to change the topic. Salute.


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