Under Free The Nipple Campaign, Hundreds Of Women Just Freed Themselves Across The World



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Free The Nipple campaign is a gender equality movement that was created to highlight double standards of society that women face when it comes to baring their chests. Under the act “Freeing” the nipple, Hundreds of women went Topless and showed the world that there’s no reason to make women’s breasts taboo.

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This Campaign Brings Hope That It’ll Remove The Stigma Women Deal With. It’s 2017. Stigma about breasts shouldn’t exist.

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Free The Nipple Is Also About Body Positivity… People should not feel embarrassed for having breasts or nipples of any kind.

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Many of the protesters said that they were tired of seeing movie stars and adult stars topless only, in media. They felt like society is body shaming women and forcing them to wear bras or shirts. Free The Nipple Campaigns Have Happened In New York City, Paris, And Even Moscow.

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