Funny puns to make your day


There are many talented people in the world who are master in playing with words. Here are some examples of those literally taken puns which are so funny that you will make your brain blow.

The extra flavoured pun for intelligent people

Well the mind is surely going to blow in this case. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.

The if not life but respect saviour

When you forget to check that toilet paper is empty and are in the middle of an important task.

This is the real chemistry you need to master

The extraordinary and talented invention based on the Christmas tree concept. Hats off to the inventor.

The different types of Ford’s found

All new models of Ford in the market have arrived so you just have to order according to your individual taste.

When you take someone a little too literally

Why are they creating the racket that is the big question for now. Id there any competition between humans and aliens from another planet.

Jobs are so much in demand

Yes you must take care of the image of Jobs. When your name becomes a source of humor for people, enjoy it.

KFC reborn as some other shop

When the transformation is really mind blowing. People who are talented to use even the picture of the same guy for their promotion.

Unaware of this type of fire exit yet

It’s normal that it is the exit room for the fire. But the question is will firw be willing to leave the premises so easily.

The talk between the family

The family is surely correct and it is a proud moment for tem because their son achieved something they failed to get in their life.

The painful and tragic story of the cells

It brings tears to my eyes listening to the sad story of the prison.

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