Heart Attack App – A Life Saving App and a Boon for Heart Patients


Every year 60% of the deaths in the country are caused by a serious condition, heart attack, being the number one killer in India. Patients die at most cases due to non-availability of medical services at the right time. How to cope up with the situation? Apart from taking preventive measures on how to prevent heart attack, heart patients can do nothing to save themselves at the time of attack. Medical attention is needed immediately at the time. But now, it seems there is a way to tackle this.

Heart Attack App

The Cardiological Society of India has announced the launch of a new app, which is called, “Heart Attack”. This app will provide the information about the nearest health care center or hospitals with real time insights. With the help of this app, patients will get accurate information about the hospital, if it is capable of immediate care.  Apart from this, the “Heart Attack” app will also show the list of available physicians or cardiologists.

Time Saving or Life Saving App

The “Heart Attack” app can obviously be considered as a time saving as well as a lifesaving app. Patients will not have to waste their time in finding the right hospital for an immediate medical service in a case of heart attack. With the help of this app, patients will easily locate the center, where the treatment can be begun immediately.

Maximum Benefit for Heart Patients

This Heart Attack app will help the patients in getting the perfect medical care within a short span of time. A systematic and organised network of hospitals and medical care units will be a part of this app. The Cardiological Society of India is planning to launch the app exclusively in Delhi on September 29, 2017, being it a World Heart Day. The app will be currently available for Android OS. India is stepping forward in being digitalised, it will be proved again.


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