List Of Top 4 Countries With Highest Crime Rate In The World , You Will Be Shocked To See No 2


Highest Crime Rate In The World

We feel very sorry to say that nobody now a days is really safe from anything or anyone. Crime is everywhere in the World.

We have brought the List Of Top 4 Countries With Highest Crime Rate In The World –

4. Germany

Highest Crime Rate In The World germny

German vehicles are very much known throughout the world for their unique and masculine design as well as their super performance and features which make it one of the best in world. But apart from this germany also rules when it comes to the crime ratio. Everybody here wants to become Hitler with the power of the legacy he had left behind , and by this you can be sure that crime leaders would have pioneered to do everything that goes against the law in order to reach this respected position in society.

3. Brazil

Highest Crime Rate In The World brazil
Rio De Janario , Brazil’s biggest city with lots and lots of tourist attraction for decades. But Brazil overall however is also one of the dominating murder capitals of the world and easily ranks among countries with highest crime rate. Criminals terrorizing locals, murdering for revenge or to teach a lesson isn’t an uncommon thing here. Availability of Weapons like Ak-47’s and are also highly accessible in this Country.

2. India

Highest Crime Rate In The World india
70% of India’s 1.2 Billion people in population belong to extreme poverty that leads to attaining and snatching things from other people who rightfully own it, as a means of survival. Well this is not an excuse to steal from somebody , but however it is a sad reality in India. Most of the crimes in this country are related to theft out of low living circumstances. India is also the country having the highest populations of the world too, that means a major increase in the number of crimes reported per year, including rape being another one that tops the crime list.

1. United States of America

Highest Crime Rate In The World usa
America is number one in top the list of countries with highest crime rates. Speaking of American crimes, it is reported on an annual basis in millions , including almost every crime committed that are known to man, every second, every hour, every day, every month and year round that means that the crime cycle is around the clock non-stop.

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