Honey Singh Is All Set To Rule The Industry Again


‘Angrezi beat’, ‘Blue Eyes’, ‘Manali trance’, ‘Love dose’ and ‘High heels’ and many more super hit Fame Honey Singh has been away from limelight for quite a long time now. But Honey Singh Is All Set To Rule The Industry Again and is coming back with lot of special things for all his fans. Apparently, he has been dedicating not less than 12 hours every day in the studio to compose music. And looks like all that time has not gone in vain as the music composer has come up with about 30-40 tunes from different musical genres across the globe.

The tunes that Honey Singh has produced is influenced by different genres of music, belonging to different parts of the world. And after so much of research and hard work he is all set to come up with a completely different genre.

Honey Singh hasn’t released any of these tunes yet as he will be dedicating some more time to listening and selecting the best tracks and only once that’s done he will release the track for his fans. Honey has set a record for himself in the industry of only giving out chartbusters, which explains his massive fan following.

In a recent interview earlier this year, singer’s spokesperson said, “Honey has been spending time in writing down special song revolving around various emotions and actions. This track would be very special as this is the first song that Honey would be writing after getting recovered. His fans are keen to know about Honey’s next track and this news should definitely make them happy.”

The singer also revealed about his bipolar disorder to the public in 2017. He had been battling with alcoholism and drugs due to which he had been absent from the music industry for a while.

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