Hookah Bars Banned In Delhi, Government Cancel All Licenses

Hookah was earlier a popular choice of smoking in the rural areas, But over the last few years it has gained a lot of popularity among the youth in urban cities.

Delhi government finally banned every hookah bars in the city and told Police and Municipal Corporations to cancel all licenses of restaurants with hookahs.

Satyendar Jain on Tuesday said that “Hookah smoking is not allowed in non-smoking zones as per Section 4 of COTPA (Cigarette and other Tobacco Products Act), as well as in the smoking zones”.

Health Minister also added that, the Center had issued notification in May with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare completely prohibiting the use of hookahs, “Therefore, hookah bars in any form are illegal and Delhi Police and the Municipal Corporations should cancel the licenses of such restaurants, eateries and hotels where such illegal Hookah bars are operating”.

State Tobacco Control Cell also did several raids in several famous parts of the city, and the chemical analysis showed “presence of nicotine in almost all the samples”. On the other hand the claim was that, they were using all herbal products.

“Also, series of letters have been written to the Police in the last several years to initiate action against illegally running hookah bars in the city and save teenage”.

“People think  hookah as safe alternative to smoking cigrattes, but actually it is even more harmful and has an adverse impact on their health.

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