Horrible Facts About China That Are Unknown To Us , 4th Is Really Cruel And They Need To Stop It!

Horrible Facts About China asd

Here are some of the Most Surprising And Horrible Facts About China That It Need To Stop As Soon As Possible..


1. “Urine Eggs” are delicacy in China.

Horrible Facts About China egg

Eggs are boiled for an entire day in the urine of boys under the age of 10. Chinese claims that eating these Urine eggs have plenty of health benefits and it also increase circulation of the blood in body.

2. It is possible to restore your virginity in China.

Horrible Facts About China qwer

Chinese Girls follow this plastic surgery trend, some women also pay thousands of $ to restore their hymens before their wedding.

3. You can’t have kids until the government gives you permission.

Horrible Facts About China baby

Married Chinese couples have to apply for Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the pregnancy in order give a child birth.

4. Festival dedicated to eating dogs.

Horrible Facts About China yulin

Eating dog meat in China is said to be very healthy. They say that it stimulates internal heat, as well as bringing good luck. WTF!!


5. You can rent a significant other.

Horrible Facts About China date

In China there are services that allow you to rent a date online. Chinese people some times also rent their other to get their parents to stop complaining about them being single.

6. After giving birth, Women have to sit for a month .

Horrible Facts About China sit

Like other East Asian countries, mothers in China are told to take bed rest for minimum of 30 days after giving birth to a baby.

7. China’s air pollution.

Horrible Facts About China air

If you breathed freely in Beijing for a single day, then it would be equivalent of smoking 21 cigarettes.

8. 19 million cats are eaten every year in China

Horrible Facts About China cat

Same as Dogs , Cat meat is also Favourite of chinese people. Cat meat is very common here. Every street you can order a dish that consist of cat meat.

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