How would you feel if you were an animal: Must look at these satirical illustrations

Animals are called the best friends of mankind but in reality humans are the biggest enemies of animals. Have you ever wondered how would life be if you were an animal? No. Several illustration artists and animal activists are trying to invoke sympathy for animals in our mind. Numerous species of animals have become extinct or are in the verge of extinction. Here we present some such illustrations which will surely provide you with a new perspective for life and animals.

Caged birds

Every child dreams of a pet bird in a cage but we never get to know the plight of the poor birds. Numerous animals have died due to being caged.

Animal skin

It has become a fashion to wear animal skin in present. It is also used to make several accessories but is it really worth it.

Cookery shows

We not only eat meat but promote it extensively on television too. How ruthless is this attitude? You must think.


To enrich our life rabbit feet are sold in markets as good luck charms. Does killing an animal brings good luck?

Revenge game

What if the animals which are our hunting targets become the hunter. Ever thought of that?


Thousands of lions are killer every year gor various reasons. We must act to save them.

Piggy game

What will happen if the pigs started killing your spouse or family members for meat?

Shark hunting

Total 2700 billion fishes are caught every year for food reasons.


We have discovered various ways of travelling but still animals are tortured in the way.

Doom’s day

If the animals will start leading our lifestyle ,we surely will become extinct.


God has gifted mankind with knowledge. If animals start teaching themselves, we will be no where in comparison.

Hunting and slaving

A survey done in 2012 shows that hunters and sharpshooters have paid more than $7.2 billion in excise taxes through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act.

Pig farms

Every year 115 million pigs are killed for different reasons.


A survey in 2010 shows that the number of Lobsters in New England south of Cape Cod was 10 million. Lobsters are one of the favorite dishes of seafood lovers and that is why the number is so much.


31 million ducks are killed each year according to PETA

Dogs in winter

In winter we remain in our heated rooms whereas the pets remain outside causing their deaths.


A spanish bullfight always leads to the death of the poor animal or in injuring him.

Dairy products


In dairy the female animal is exploited for different products.


In China the horns of Rhinos are poached for medical purposes.

Thus beware of the situation that mankind is creating. A world without animals.



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