The source of theory of computer programming languages can be found in Vedic Indian History


It’s very unhappy that we have a tendency to Indians area unit such a lot influenced by the civilisation that we’ve got forgotten our roots. we’ve got continuously believed that India has become advanced because of adoption of technologies from west. we have a tendency to continuously had shown our religion within the false theory propagated by the foreigners and underestimated ourselves. Whereas the fact is it’s India, UN agency is that the creator and major contributor of all the inventions a lot of before the other nation has cited before of world. it’s India whose scientists, seers and saints possess such an enormous quantity of data that they need even discovered the items a lot of before the existence of those nations.

One such invention done by our nice Indian man of science that has revolutionized the planet is creating by mental acts Languages (the languages on that computers run that has become associate nearly essential a part of one’s life in today’s technological era). it’s believed that the foreigners area unit creator of those languages once really it’s fully false.

panini and vedic computer languages

The computer artificial language was fabricated by man of science Maharishi Panini of India Centuries agone, Maharishi Panini was the traditional Sanskritic language linguist and linguistic scientist He was born in Salatura in Gandhara (present day Kandahar) in trendy Islamic State of Afghanistan, on the banks of the stream Indus.

Panini and Computer Languages

His work of art PANINIYAM may be a testimony of his genius work that none has been able to surpass. PANINIYAM is written within the style of sutras or aphorisms. There area unit 3996 aphorisms organized in eight (ASHTA) chapters (ADHYAHYA) which is why PANINIYAM is popularly referred to as Ashtadhyayi. Panini`s Ashtadhyayi represents the primary try within the history of the planet to explain and analyse the parts of a language on scientific lines. it’s not solely been universally acclaimed because the initial and foremost specimen of descriptive synchronic linguistics however has conjointly been the chief supply of inspiration for the linguist engaged in describing languages of various regions.

Many people have tried to imitate his work however didn’t succeed. Panini works were path breaking in each descriptive and generative linguistics. Panini was a forerunner {of trendy|of recent|of contemporary} formal language wide employed in modern pc languages. tho’ the Backus traditional kind was discovered by Joseph Backus in 1959, Panini’s notation not solely has equivalent power however conjointly several similar properties. Paninian grammars have conjointly been devised for non-Sanskrit languages too. The Backus-Naur kind (Panini-Backus form) or BNF synchronic linguisticss is employed to explain trendy programming languages that have important similarities to Pāṇini’s grammar rules.

Is sanskrit best language for computer

Today even NASA has research on vedas and conjointly recognized that the only and most correct language for creating by mental acts is Sanskritic language. NASA man of science man.Rick Briggs has discovered a association between AI and Panini synchronic linguistics. within the world, Sanskritic language is that the solely language, and every one alternative languages area unit created by humans. The MLBD report (A monthly of Indological bibliography) in Gregorian calendar month 1993, has declared Maharishi Panini because the “first computer code man while not hardware”. whose main title was “Sanskrit computer code for future hardware”.

It has been aforementioned within the report that once making an attempt for 3 decades to create language effective for creating by mental acts, scientists completed that they need lost within the space of creating by mental acts to India nearly 2600 years agone. though it can’t be aforementioned that however and wherever it had been used at that point, pc scientists round the world still believe that in present, Sanskritic language synchronic linguistics is capable of resolution all the issues of computers. Linguists round the world believe that no alternative synchronic linguistics like Sanskritic language thus pure and scientific exists within the world itself.

Computation theory of the complete universe depends on the pc. The Maharishi Panini has written a complete reference (Almost five hundred BC) on identical Computation. throughout the creation of this Maharishi Panini used synchronic linguistics Auxiliary symbols (Assistant symbols) and created his own symbols with the assistance of the many suffixes and consequently, these area unit useful in making the synchronic linguistics and created it sturdy. Panini has hold on 4000 formulas of inflectional Sanskritic language language in his synchronic linguistics terribly scientifically and logically, that appear to be terribly helpful for creating by mental acts

Using identical technology the fashionable man of science Emil Post (February eleven, 1897 – Gregorian calendar month twenty one, 1954) created entire creating by mental acts languages of today’s. Even a university within the u. s. owes his contribution and has created a language on the name of Maharishi Panini.

vedic computer

In foreign universities, our natural language Sanskritic language is tutored . Our Vedas area unit revered. Our sages-seers area unit revered. however hardly anyone in India would have detected the name of Maharishi Panini. the majority folks use computers nowadays however no one is aware of that the artificial language used on these computers was fabricated by the man of science Maharishi Panini of our own country.

Even nowadays we have a tendency to area unit such a lot unfree within the fancy we have a tendency tostern world that we are literally at par from our precious history and culture. we have a tendency to area unit unsighted by the false claims and is passing identical to our coming back generations. we want to remember and will conjointly build our coming back generations alert to the ability of India.


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